How do you avoid hiring the wrong people for your startup?

Answer by Preetam Salian:

A simple method called, "DIY" (Do It Yourself).. There is no sure shot way of hiring the right candidate. At times you may think, that the person you hired is probably the best, which eventually turns out to be a worst hire (almost).

Whereas, there are times when a name sake hire (or because he/she came in for a lesser salary) works wonders.

Someone mentioned, "the best predictor of what someone will be like in the future is to look at their past", but I believe, However shitty your past maybe, your future is spotless.

The conclusion is pretty simple, you keep hiring. You may find good, bad, worst..but there will be the ones who would stick around and grow with your company. After all you don't run, before you learn to walk!

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