How do you hire UI/UX designers in India?

My answer to – How do you hire UI/UX designers in India?

Answer by Preetam Salian:

Preetam Salian, Founder & CEO @ Hiring Monk Edit Bio
Indian startup market is vast and so are various ways of hiring! Being a part of the recruitment industry for a considerable time, I would advise following sources:-

1) Internal references : Check with you colleagues, partners etc
2) Jobsites : There are a lot of free jobsites available where you can post for free and get (almost) relevant candidates.
3) Social Media: try your own sources, facebook, post updates on linkedin, tweet about your jobs.
4) Conventional recruitment firms : If your startup has good spending power, try your hands on conventional recruitment firms
5) Inexpensive & Guaranteed recruitment services : Cost effective and streamlined services like HiringMonk – HR recruitment consultancy  turns out to be one of the finest options for hiring relevant candidates in stipulated time period.

Learn more about the process and clients Hiring Monk has catered to: HiringMonk – HR recruitment consultancy

*Note : I own Hiring Monk!

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