The Story-Teller

“Amongst the crowd, amidst all the moving soul,

Turned into an eagle’s eye and your sight is what it stole.”

“Chased every corner, followed every move,

Didn’t find an act that I’d disapprove”

“Just like the sand castle outbreaks, after a sea-wave is rushed,

The next moment you disappear and all my fantasies are crushed!”

“Stumbled asudden to that smile on your face,

No wonder they say, the world’s a small place.”

“Hesitant but brave, knocks at your door,

Led to all the talks, we could just adore..”

“The conversations flooded, we had just opened the gate

It’s just a few hours we met, a lil, wouldn’t you wait?”

“Was it too early, or maybe it was too late,

Continents away you flew, maybe that was the fate”

“No I won’t let go, it wasn’t meant to end this soon,

Maybe foretold, resembling the butterfly from its cocoon.”

“Weeks passed and concluded a year,

And your existence just would ripen and clear.”

“Matter of days and communication got us locked,

From tea to lunch to bed is what, we just talked.”

“Isolated from you, my heart would go glum.

Wondered just a thought, albeit when would you come.”

“To my surprise and the best one ever

You appear all of a sudden, in my arms like never”

“Amongst the dances and friends, more we got attached,

Connected to those levels, that never we mis-matched.”

“Zillions of memories, within the days such few

Couldn’t deny the fact that I loved You!”

“On my knees with all my heart, asked your hand

Witnessed the sea, beholded the sun and sand”

“That day and today, didn’t had to peek back since

There you go princess; at your service is your prince!”

“A lil promise I demand, yesterday and day by day,

For every thick and thin, hand in hand is what we will stay!”



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